Tiny Dreadfuls

Prepare yourself for a tour through the dark! Inspired by the classic Victorian Penny Dreadfuls, this collection of horror shorts and oddities from award-winning author S. Faxon takes you through cursed orchards, opium-stoked alleyways, haunted houses, and to the high-seas. With some of these stories based on real-life paranormal encounters, this book is a must-read for those who love the fanciful and unexplainable!

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A collection of tiny tales that I’ve released over the years, nestled together in one collection. Tiny Dreadfuls is a mix of horror, thriller, and dark fiction. Tiny Dreadfuls includes:

  • The Third Room
  • The Confession
  • The Red Queen
  • and many more…

This book pairs well with one of the author’s favorite beverages: an apple cider with a cinnamon whiskey, garnished with a cinnamon stick. Yum…

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