Review & Interview: Isabelle Markus’ The Awakening of Marcianna

Last week, I interviewed Isabelle Markus about her book The Awakening of Marcianna. To see our interview, click the link above OR listen to it on my podcast, Cheers, Dears!

I had the joy of reading an ARC The Awakening of Marcianna and here is my review:

This story demonstrates the power of love and friendship! The Awakening of Marcianna takes us on a journey with a strong female protagonist, whose just trying to get through each day balancing a job, children, friendships, and a marriage, when things start getting strange. I can’t remember the last time I’ve related so strongly with a character! I identified with so many of Marci’s day-to-day struggles of not being able to find a moment of peace to process anything, let alone the supernatural things that are starting to occur. Marci’s fierce desire to protect the people she loves is reciprocated by the friendships and relationships that surround her, which came quite in handy as her world starts to fall apart.

This was a very entertaining read and I cannot wait until the sequel comes out! To get your copy, click here.

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