Trailers and First Interviews, Done!

“My f***ing life is an ancient Jerry Springer episode.” -Kassidy Simmons, main character of Dennis K. Crosby’s upcoming book, Death’s Debt.

The trailers for my upcoming podcast, Cheers, Dears! are up! We’re going to be officially launching on August 25th, so be sure to follow my podcast on your preferred podcast app so you’ll know when each episode drops.

If YouTube is your preferred way of watching interviews, subscribe to my channel, S. Faxon Productions, so you’ll be able to see the interviews.

We’re starting the interviews with urban fantasy author, Dennis K. Crosby, and chatting with him about his books, Death’s Legacy and Death’s Debt. This is a two-parter, so the first week we’ll feature his first book, and in the second week, we’ll be talking all about his soon to be released sequel.

I just added my first extra where people may hop on a Zoom call with me and we’ll spend an hour strategizing how to achieve their writing goals! Whether you’re going indie, traditional, or hybrid, fiction or non-fiction, I’ll show the tools I use to stay motivated and on track as well as providing advice personalized to the individual I’m chatting with! Find out more about it by clicking here. There is a member discount, so be sure to check that out as well!

A TREMENDOUS thank you to the first people who have bought me coffees, Amanda and TeamF25s, and to my amazing members, the Rad Readers, Dawn Waibel and SalBomp, you guys are incredible and I cannot tell you how much it means to have your ongoing support! Be sure to check out the podcast where I’ll be giving you both shoutouts!


S. Faxon

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Lifelong San Diegan, finding inspiration from the little things. Hoping that this website, my books and blog will provide you a little escape from the daily grinds of nine to five.

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