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The Animal Court transports you to a country on the verge of collapse. 

The people are starving and the king is blind to the threats that surround him. Unless Gertrude, the king’s advisor, can enact drastic changes, the country she loves will be lost to the animal court. 

The Animal Court is a fantasy political and romance novel.

In The Animal Court Gertrude is the advisor to the king. She has spent months listening to the people and drafting changes that could save their country, but in a court dominated by men unwilling to listen, her words fall on deaf ears.

After returning from a tour around the country, the king calls his brothers for council, but rivalry amongst royal blood proves to promote deeper divisions.

The infuriating stagnation in progress beckons Gertrude to retreat to her idyllic country life, if only to hide in the comforting arms of her own skeletons. However, she knows that unless she can help enact drastic changes to tame the beasts in their government, the kingdom she loves will be lost to the animal court.

The Animal Court is on Goodreads and if you read it, one of the best gifts you can give to an author is to leave a comment on their works.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and Apple Books. For more information about the author, please visit my website.

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