Makes You Think

“They don’t want to recognize it, but when they start talking about it, they have to recognize it.” ~Tamara Merrill

Author Tamara Merrill and I recently met via Skype to discuss her latest book, Shadows in Our Bones.

When was the last time you read a book that really made you think? Not merely on the “who dunnit” or the “will she figure out the code” type of thinking; the kind of book that stays with you, that makes you look at yourself or the world around you a little differently?

In our interview, Tamara and I discuss the topic of racism, a main theme of her most recent book, Shadows in Our Bones.

Shadows in Our Bones is based on real events and actual persons. The story traces how greed, societal forces, religion, eugenics and racial prejudice came together in a shameful and shocking way on a small, wooded island off the coast of Maine. In the second half of the interview, we discuss some of the marketing strategies that she has employed to become a successful author.

To learn more about Tamara, or to view her published books, visit her website at: Tamara is also one of the teachers and co-creators of WritersCrutch, a writer’s marketing class, click here:

~S. Faxon

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