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ann gladys
Working from home: the good, the bad, the unexpected. Interviewed Dr. Ann Gladys on my YouTube channel this week about how to stay focused and career-oriented in our current global situation.

How many of us authors, readers, event planners, brokers, bakers, candlestick makers are presently dealing with working from home? There are a lot of challenges that we are facing in this new world, so here are some helpful tips that I picked up in an interview with organizational development professional, Dr. Ann Gladys, author of Mesmerize and The Invisible Leader:

  • Continue your daily routine of grooming and dressing professionally, even if you’re working on your couch
  • Wake up an hour earlier than normal to jump start your day and to give you wiggle room for those unexpected occurrences (like the toddler spilling Cheerios on that report you’ve been preparing)
  • Communicate; talk to your supervisor, talk to your colleagues. With all of the technology that we have available, don’t let distance be a reason to let communication slip
  • Show up and speak up in video conferences, otherwise, it’s like you’re not there.

Staying focused on our career goals is just another way for us to keep pushing and to keep driving through the present situation our world is going through. I took Dr. Gladys’ advice this week and woke up an hour earlier than normal, checked in with my daily calendar to see what my daily goals were and thus far, I’ve been able to check them all off the list. It’s been a HUGELY satisfying feeling and something I hope that, with the structure that Dr. Gladys suggests, you’ll also be able to avoid the quarantine-blues.

We are in this together and if you’d like the rest of the working from home tips from Dr. Gladys, click here to view the full interview.

For more author interviews and to see what topics we’ll be exploring next, check out my Upcoming Engagements Page.

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