The Blue Dragon Society

Blue Dragon Society Cover page

For centuries, the blue dragon society was the force that toppled tyrannies and brought demons to their knees. Today, with their old enemies gone, life for the Dragons has become dull. However, a new monster has emerged to haunt the dawn. A new recruit must convince a former member out from retirement if they are to stand a chance against this shadow that lusts for blood.

The Blue Dragon Society is my current work in progress that is ready for alpha readers! Let me know if the first chapter catches you or your general impressions in the comments below! If you proceed, the following scene is graphic, so reader’s discretion is advised.

The Blue Dragon Society ~ The Road to Dova

-S. Faxon

With narrowed, unblinking eyes, the hunter leaned closer to his catch. The light from the fire licked his face, which remained handsome, even with the blood on his cheeks.

She was almost gone. The little lamb, so eager, so excited to come to him, now a whisper away from finality.

He smiled.

This was what she deserved.
What they all deserved.

A cruel smile arched his lip as he slowly squeezed one last time.

Her eyes widened. A soft moan escaped from those pretty, reddened lips. The light in those young eyes faded at last and now, yet another was completely his.

But he was not done with her, oh no, there was much yet to be done. Amid the dancing lights of a few dying candles, he continued to arrange the scene, which he thought this time he would leave just right. As he carved and arranged his art, he thought of the note that he would leave upon her to show them, to prove to them that this was neither the beginning and nothing short of his end. It had taken him ages to plan this and though it had not gone exactly as he had imagined, how many before had, the scale was tipped and the real game had at last begun.

He knew that they would never catch him, but hunting and being hunted was the real game he sought.

He had done this enough now to know what would follow. There would eventually be a period of regret. He would become fixated on the notion that this had not gone as he had imagined and then, at night, when he would try to lay himself to sleep, his dreams would take him back to the beginning when his original visions began. He knew that memories of the fall would resurface and that he would deal with those thoughts as he had before some other time.

There,’ he thought to himself after another hour in his latest creation’s company. ‘All done.’ Except, he had nearly forgotten. He kneeled beside her and reached to her throat. A charming, humble necklace lying so innocently on her chest called to him. His steady hand plucked it from her breast and he ran his thumb over the pendent, smearing her blood across its face. It was probably the only item of worth this creature owned. As if it sang a melodious lullaby, it called to him. In one, powerful yank, the thin rope broke from her neck. Standing, he tucked the necklace into his handkerchief beside a lock of golden hair that he had stolen from her head.

At the end of one last act, he was ready to leave his nearly perfected masterpiece, leaving upon her a note scribbled on parchment in red:

To the king’s guard and those blasted Dragons, catch me if you can, or they will die again and again and again and again


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