Christmas Spiders

It’s become tradition, like stringing up Christmas lights, drinking eggnog, or watching your favorite holiday flick, for me to post the following tale. This is the story that my grandmother used to tell my sisters and me every year. She had these lovely golden beaded spiders that she would hang on the tree. They were beautiful and I hold vivid memories of them in my heart, though I have not seen them for over eleven years.

Hopefully this sweet story will bring a a slightly different perspective for you of our eight legged friends and a little bit of warmth to your day.

This  specific story is a section from my original story I published on my previous blog site, called Providence. If you’d like to see that read, here you go: Providence.

In that space of time the reverend stared at three faux-gold beaded spiders perched atop a mess of silver tensile on the far side of the room. The story of the three spiders popped into the reverend’s head. It was the tale of the arachnids being very curious about a tree, which came into their home. From their corner in the living room, they happily watched the family of the home adorn the tree with all sorts of sparkling decorations and candlesticks aglow. Once the family decided that their task had been one well done, the people left the living rooms to adjourn to their beds. The spiders took the opportunity to look at every limb and trinket upon the tree. They oohed at the golden beads. They awed at the knitted angels. But they were most struck and most impressed with the beautiful glass star that crowned the mighty tree. Quite simply, it was the most spectacular thing that the spiders had ever seen. Feeling satisfied by their explorations, the spiders lowered themselves to the ground, only to discover in great horror that they had unintentionally completely covered the entire tree and decorations with their webbing. The spiders began to wail and cry because they thought that they had had ruined the hard and magnificent efforts of the family with their mess of web and they despaired. However, a shimmering light appeared and an angelic voice spoke to the three spiders and he said to them, ‘But, no, look again,’ and in an instant the grey web turned to silver tinsel and the three spiders glittered like gold from their unintended gifts. The tree was not ruined, but changed into something even more great. 
The reverend smiled to think of this story, which he told every year to the children of Providence on Christmas Eve with the intended message that no matter how messy or entangled life could sometimes become there is always a chance for a happy ending if one only looks at the situation another way. The changed perspectives of the spiders warmed the reverend’s heart even though indeed his present situation  still appeared to be very dark. 
Merry Christmas to you all! May you have nothing but comfort and joy this year!
Until next time dear readers,
Your humble author,
S. Faxon

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Lifelong San Diegan, finding inspiration from the little things. Hoping that this website, my books and blog will provide you a little escape from the daily grinds of nine to five.

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