Back in Time

Not so long ago, a great many of you joined me for countless adventures at the former blog site with Weekly Reads. Can you believe how far we’ve come? We’re begining to glimpse the big leagues!

Best of all, I can scarcely believe it myself, that it’s finally happened and now it’s time for you to know too: we did it. With your encouragement, your follows, your likes, your retweets, I finally have an honest-to-goodness page turner for you to have on your shelves or coffee tables at home.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me formally introduce you to the tale of Gertrude Kemenova and Samuel Maison of Legrette in my first printed works, The Animal Court.


Relations between the ruling class and the working public have all but failed. Government corruption is rampant and the king is oblivious to the snakes within his council. The king turns to his brothers for aid, but rivalry among royal blood proves to provoke old hatreds.

One crusader for the people remains, but as the only lady within the king’s court, no man is willing to listen.

The infuriating stagnation in progress beckons Gertrude to retreat to her idyllic country life, if only to hide in the comforting arms of her own skeletons. However, she knows that unless she can help enact rapid and drastic changes to tame the beasts within their government, the country she loves will be lost to the animal court.

If you have enjoyed their stories before, and for those of you who think you know Gertrude, let me assure you that time changes all. Dear past readers, I invite you to reacquaint yourself with the story of Gertrude Kemenova and the Animal Court, particularly those of you who are suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawals (trust me, I’m right there with you!) and need a new story to escape to.

The Animal Court is the second edition to The Feasts and Follies of the Animal Court. The story for some of you may feel familiar, but much has changed. So, dear readers, let’s take a step back in time with Breyton Malleus, to return to those days before the obligations to the greatest duties they never wanted, consumed their everything.

The adventure begins here.

Until next week,

Your humble author,

S. Faxon


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Lifelong San Diegan, finding inspiration from the little things. Hoping that this website, my books and blog will provide you a little escape from the daily grinds of nine to five.

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